Expert Group Molecular Oncology

The rapid technical development of the molecular pathological diagnostic possibilities has led to an increase in the diagnosis of molecular changes in the cancer tissue over the last few years, and this is accompanied by potentially applicable, targeted therapy options (oncologic precision medicine). This development is becoming increasingly relevant for the oncological care of patients.

At the Department of Molecular Pathology at the University Hospital of Zurich, we offer the full range of modern diagnostic possibilities (classical Sanger Sequencing, FISH, deep sequencing by means of different platforms on both the tumor tissue, as well as on peripheral blood (so-called liquid biopsy), mass spectrometry) and we are working in a close collaboration with bio-informaticians at ETH Zurich for data analysis. However, the interpretation of the results and especially the translation into clinical practice for the benefit of the patients are often difficult. Moreover, these tests can also have genetic implications when changes in the patients germline are suspected.

An interdisciplinary expert group with the following members was therefore established at the University Hospital of Zurich to assist you with specific questions in the various areas of molecular oncology.

Head and Neck Tumor and Sarcoma

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