Cancer Network Zurich

Cancer Network Zurich

logocnznew.gif Cancer Network Zurich (CNZ) unites over 50 leading oncology experts from the University of Zurich, ETH Zurich, University Hospital, University Children's Hospital Zurich, Balgrist University Hospital and the Paul Scherrer Institute.

Cancer registry ZH/ZG

Cancer registry of the cantons of Zurich and Zug

Since 1980 the canton of Zurich has kept an epidemiological cancer registry at the Institute of Pathology and Molecular Pathology of the University Hospital Zurich in close collaboration with the Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute (EBPI) of the University of Zurich. The purpose is to record all new cases of cancer in the cantonal population. Its core mission is to monitor the cancer prevalence among the population. This includes systematic and continuous collection of data, analysis, comparison and interpretation of data, and dissemination of the results through reporting.


European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer

index.jpg Over 50 years ago, visionary leaders in cancer medicine realized that advancement of patient management requires solid understanding of the disease and biology, vigorous testing of novel treatments, and interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange beyond state boundaries. This remains true today and is even more important as we move into an era of personalized medicine.


European Thoracic Oncology Platform

ETOP.png The European Thoracic Oncology Platform (ETOP) is a foundation promoting exchange and research in the field of thoracic malignancies in Europe. It is a non-profit organization based in Bern, Switzerland. Since 2009 ETOP has continuously increased its membership and now comprises more than 50 collaborative groups and institutions from all over Europe and beyond.


International Breast Cancer Study Group

IBCSG.jpgIBCSG is dedicated to innovative clinical cancer research designed to improve the outcome of women with breast cancer. The goal of clinical research within IBCSG is to find answers to key questions. It is our mission to help our patients live longer. If our efforts to cure the disease are unsuccessful, we do our best to provide for a longer symptom-free period after the primary treatment and eventually to improve their quality of life.

Paul Scherrer Institute

Paul Scherrer Institute

psi logo.pngThe Paul Scherrer Institute PSI is Switzerland's largest research center for natural and engineering sciences. It conducts high-level research in the fields of matter and material, people and health, as well as energy and environment. Through basic and applied research, it works on sustainable solutions to central questions related to society, economy and science.


Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research

sakk logo.pngThe Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK) is a non-profit organization dedicated to clinical cancer research. Its main goal is to research new cancer therapies and improve existing treatments in view of advancing treatment modalities and thereby increase cancer patients' chances of recovery. This is done through cooperation within Switzerland and in collaboration with international centers and study groups

University Children's Hospital

University Children's Hospital Zurich

facing1.jpgAt University Children's Hospital Zurich, trained staff are available in every area to provide expert service in critical situation and everyday hospital situations. Parents are not visitors – they belong to their child. This guiding principle is both a commitment and a challenge. To the greatest extent a hospital can offer, we want to give children and young people of all ages a feeling of warmth and safety and involve the family in the recovery process.

Zürcher Lighthouse

Zürcher Lighthouse

logo-lighthouse.png For over 25 years, Zürcher Lighthouse has offered terminally ill, dying patients a place to be at peace. We help our residents enjoy the best possible quality of life and the greatest possible autonomy as they live out their days. Our interdisciplinary team guarantees not only holistic care and personal assistance, but also a final home.

Zurich Cancer League

Zurich Cancer League

logo.gifThe employees of the cantonal cancer leagues provide information and are helping in the reorganization of the social and financial situation. Cancer patients are often forced to deal not only with medical, but also financial and organizational questions. Who takes care of the children when a parent has to go into the hospital? What are the financial implications when someone is no longer able to work?