Center for Oncology, Univ. Children's Hospital Zurich

The Center for Oncology at the University Children's Hospital Zurich is the largest center in Switzerland, in which patients under the age of 18 with tumors are treated. The spectrum of diagnosis and therapy is wide and covers all malignant diseases in childhood and adolescence. These include leukemias, lymphomas, malignant musculo-skeletal disorders, internal organs or the brain.

Close interdisciplinary cooperation between oncology, radiology, pediatric surgery incl. neurosurgery, radiotherapy and other special disciplines is crucial for the best possible outcome. All patients are discussed in detail on an interdisciplinary tumor board. In addition, children and adolescents with serious illnesses need mental health support in addition to optimal medical care. An experienced team of psychologists, social workers and educators are available to care for affected children and their families.

Thanks to our oncological diagnostic laboratory and the research laboratory, we can carry out highly specialized examinations for our patients and individually adapt the therapies to the latest medical standards. We treat most children with cancer in international treatment studies. We are also in close contact with other centers and research institutes in Germany and abroad. This guarantees that patients can benefit from the latest findings in therapy and diagnostics.

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Tumor board

Tumor board

Every Tuesday from 17.30 pm to 18.30 pm at Ulrich-Willi-Röntgenrapportraum BH B 10, Kinderspital Zürich

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Prof. Dr. med. Felix Niggli
Chair Center of Oncology
Univ. Children's Hospital Zurich
Steinwiesstrasse 75
8032 Zürich

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