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The diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors present a particular challenge. Numerous specialist disciplines of modern medicine are involved both in terms of diagnosis – neuropathology, neuroradiology – and treatment – neurosurgery, radio-oncology, neurology, medical oncology – of brain tumor diseases. In other words, this is an extremely interdisciplinary field that relies on excellent cooperation between the different specializations.



The diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors are a focus of the institutions involved in the University Hospital Zurich Brain Tumor Center. They are done on the basis of therapy recommendations that have been developed on an interdisciplinary basis in Zurich.
The care services encompass ongoing consultation, treatment and follow-up care for patients and their relatives in the canton of Zurich and other cantons in Switzerland, as well as care and advisory services for foreign patients, who do occasionally, albeit infrequently, seek care here.
The regular outpatient consultation hours of the Department of Neurology are Monday through Friday, all day. Emergency appointments can be made at any time.

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Research & trials

Research & trials

We currently offer clinical trials for patients with low-grade gliomas, anaplastic gliomas and glioblastomas.
Details can be found here.

Clinical trials
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Morbidity & Mortality

The BTC holds a quarterly M&M conference. We invite our referring physicians to attend.

If you are interested in attending, please contact the BTC coordinator, who will then provide you with details (PD Dr. Patrick Roth,

To participate in the conference, you must sign a confidentiality statement.

Tumor board & Second Opinion

Tumor board

On Mondays at 8:30 am, there is a weekly interdisciplinary brain tumor board in which patients from University Hospital Zurich and external institutions are presented and discussed with their medical histories and current findings. Interdisciplinary therapy recommendations are discussed and documented.

External colleagues have the opportunity to either present their patients personally and request an evaluation or send us their relevant information for consideration in the forum.

The contact persons for this tumor conference are Head Physician PD Dr. Patrick Roth ( and Assistant Doctor Dr. Tobias Weiss (

External registrations can also be submitted via email:

Second Opinion

Are you interested in a second opinion? Contact us with this form.



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