Gynecological Cancer Center

The Gynecological Cancer Center is an interdisciplinary center that offers state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment options as well as surgical procedures.



You will be informed about your diagnosis and treatment options in personal consultations with our highly experienced, specialized doctors. Therapy decisions are always discussed between disciplines among various specialists in the tumor boards and with you personally. All modern chemotherapies are provided in our day clinic for gynecologic tumors.

Research & trials

Research & trials

The research department in the Department of Gynecology has been in place for nearly 20 years. Established in 1991 by Prof. Urs Haller (retired 2004) and Prof. Heinrich Walt (retired 2008), the department is now led by Prof. Daniel Fink (Gynecological Department Director) and PD Dr. Manuel Stucki (Head of Research Department).

Our research, which is an integral part of the department, is broad-based and not restricted solely to the field of gynecology.

Within the context of our clinical research, patients can take part in clinical trials and benefit from new therapy options.

Tumor board & Second Opinion

Tumor board

University Hospital Zurich staff who are active in oncological treatment provide care for oncology patients on an interdisciplinary basis. In tumor boards, staff hold interdisciplinary discussions and jointly determine the best treatment for patients.

Referring physicians can register in advance and take part in the forums and present their patients to the forum or forward their patient files for evaluation in order to receive a treatment recommendation.

To present patients at a tumor forum, please complete the online form.

Second Opinion

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