Skin Cancer Center

​The Skin Cancer Center in the Dermatology Department at USZ offers the complete spectrum of early detection, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care for skin cancer. It is subdivided into the areas of early detection (Prof. Dr. R. Braun), treatment (Prof. Dr. R. Dummer), basal cell cancer (Dr. J. Mangana and Dr. M. Nägeli) and skin lymphomas (PD Dr. E. Guenova und Dr. A. Frauchiger). The Skin Cancer Center is supported by the departments of the Dermatology Department: The Dermatosurgery Department can make use of the clinic's operating rooms and provides facilities for the surgical treatment of skin cancers. The internal Department of Dermatopathology provides histological diagnostics for ongoing skin cancer diagnostics. The “physical therapy” department provides, among other things, photodynamic therapy and radiation treatment (Dr. L. Imhof).

The particular strength of the Skin Cancer Center, however, is the interdisciplinary collaboration with the other clinics and departments of USZ, enabling the USZ Skin Cancer Center to provide world-class patient care.

The Skin Cancer Center is involved closely in clinical trials underway in the field of malignant skin diseases. This area is headed by Dr. Sara Micaletto (FMH Dermatology, FMH Allergology) and PD Dr. Simone Goldinger (FMH Dermatology, FMH Pharmaceutical Medicine). Here, there is now the possibility to complete specialist medical training in pharmaceutical medicine (three years). Since 2016 the department is approved as a SAKK Phase I center as well.



For detailed information about our diagnosis and treatment options please visit the website of the Dermatology Department

Homepage Dermatologie - Fachwissen Hautkrebs

Richtlinien des Hauttumorzentrums USZ 2016 (PDF)

Services for our patients & their relatives

Services for our patients & their relatives

The dermato-oncological consultation hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm (Thursdays only in the morning).

Skin Cancer Nurse

For detailed information about the supportive consulting service for melanoma patients please refer to the Flyer Skin Cancer Nurse 2017.

Other services

Please find further information for melanoma patients and their relatives here.

Second Opinion

Second Opinion

Are you interested in a second opinion? Contact us with this form.

Tumor board

Tumor board

University Hospital Zurich staff who are involved in oncological treatment provide care for oncology patients on an interdisciplinary basis. In tumor boards, staff hold interdisciplinary discussions and jointly determine the best treatment for patients.

Referring physicians can register in advance and take part in the forums and present their patients to the forum or forward their patient files for evaluation in order to receive a treatment recommendation.

To present patients at a tumor forum, please contact the respective contact person.

Research & trials

Research & trials

A list of the trials conducted by the Skin Cancer Center can be found here.

For more information about the ongoing trials, please contact

Contact & Chairs


University Hospital Zurich
Department of Dermatology
Gloriastrasse 31
8091 Zurich
Tel. +41 44 255 91 30
Fax +41 44 629 35 86


Chair Skin Cancer Center

Department Director​ i.V., Department of Dermatology, USZ

Tel. +41 44 255 25 07
Fax +41 44 255 89 88

Deputy chair and Coordinator Skin Cancer Center, QMV

Senior Staff Physician and Member of the Clinic Management

Tel. +41 44 255 97 40
Fax +41 44 629 35 86

Coordinator Skin Cancer Center

Junior Staff Physician

Tel. +41 44 255 31 88

Onko / Melanoma consultation
Prof. R. Dummer
Prof. R. Braun
Dr. J. Mangana

Medicinal Tumor Therapy
Prof. R. Dummer
Prof. R. Braun

Early detection / Skin tumor prevention
Dr. J. Mangana

Skin Lymphoma
PD Dr. K..Kerl
Dr. A. Frauchiger

Physical Therapy
Dr. L. Imhof
Prof. R. Dummer

Clinical Trials
Dr. S. Goldinger
Prof. Dr. R. Dummer
Dr. S. Micaletto

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