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Due to their rarity, the diagnosis and treatment of bone and soft tissue tumors (musculoskeletal tumors) presents special challenges for all involved specializations. The Sarcoma Center Zurich is committed to optimizing the treatment and prognoses of affected patients through the concentration of specialists in this field. The diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal tumors is a process that involves a wide range of specializations over the entire duration of the treatment. The Sarcoma Center, which as a part of the Highly-Specialized Medicine (HSM) Department for musculoskeletal tumors is supported by the Health Department of the Canton of Zurich, serves its patients, referring physicians and interested parties as a center of excellence in this field.

The cooperation between experts of oncological orthopedics of the Balgrist University Hospital with clinics of the USZ and the Kinderspital allow a high-qualitaty treatment of patients.



Musculoskeletal oncology deals with the treatment of benign and malignant bone and soft tissue tumors, so-called sarcomas, in children as well as adults.

The treatment of patients with bone and soft tissue tumors can be very complex and complex, which is why several disciplines have to be interdisciplinarily involved and coordinated.

The Sarcoma Center Zurich is the first sarcoma center in Switzerland to be certified according to international guidelines (the German Cancer Society DKG). It is a supraregional center for the treatment of all sarcoma patients. It was the only center, together with Lausanne, to receive the service contract for the entire spectrum from the Swiss Health Director Conference. It is also an integral part of the Swiss National Sarcoma Advisory Boards.

Registrations of patients can be made at the following address:, (musculoskeletal tumors)

Second Opinion

Second Opinion

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Tumor Board

Tumor Board

The Sarcoma Board is currently composed of ten disciplines. The main responsibilities are all to have several years of training and expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with sarcoma. Each major responsible person is also characterized by the fact that he is continually developing in the Sarcoma area, in order to provide the patient with the latest knowledge of the treatment, in particular also in international clinical trials and trial protocols. Each major responsible person has, in turn, a worldwide network of specialist colleagues in his / her field of expertise, in order to obtain second-hand opinions on specific questions at any time.

The tumor board of the sarcoma center (sarcoma board) takes place every Thursday from 15.30 to 17.00 in HOER B 15 of the USZ (site plan).

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Contact & Chairs


Dr. Christian Britgschi
Department of Medical Oncology and Hematology
University Hospital Zurich
Raemistrasse 100
8091 Zuerich
Tel. +41 44 255 22 14

Dr. Daniel Müller
Team Leader Tumor Surgery
Balgrist University Hospital
Forchstrasse 340
8008 Zurich
Tel. +41 44 386 30 95

Consultation:, (musculoskeletal tumors)
Sarcoma Board: Online Form

Chair Sarcoma Center

Junior Staff Physician, Department of Medical Oncology and Hematology

Tel. +41 44 255 22 14
Fax +41 44 255 45 48

Chair Sarcoma Centre

Head of Tumour Surgery, Balgrist University Hospital

Tel. +41 44 386 30 95

Coordinator Sarcoma Centre

Resident, Department of Medical Oncology and Hematology

Coordinator Sarcoma Centre

Junior Staff Physician, Balgrist University Hospital



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