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Organ centers, Clinical trials, Tumor boards, Expert Groups and Events

Organ centers

Organ centers

Various areas of expertise have merged to form treatment centers and offer optimal medical examination, treatment and consultation tailored to the needs of patients. Consultations, appointments, second opinions and questions regarding treatment options can be directed to our central service point or to the organ centers/cooperation partners:

Clinical trials and translational research / Cancer Research Center

Clinical trials

At the Comprehensive Cancer Center Zürich, clinical trials are conducted on a wide variety of tumor entities. An overview of studies currently in progress can be found there. If you have specific questions about clinical trials at the Comprehensive Cancer Center Zürich, don't hesitate to contact us.

Translational research USZ / partner hospitals

Translational research studies and translates findings from laboratory research into clinical practice and vice versa. It therefore forms a central part of innovation to advances in diagnosis and treatment of malignant diseases. Here is an overview of the current research groups.

Cancer Research Center

The Cancer Research Center has been establish to foster academic and scientific excellence in the field of cancer research in Zurich.

Tumor boards and Expert Groups

Tumor boards

In the multidisciplinary tumor boards, the disease and history data of an affected patient are presented in order to guarantee the best possible tumor diagnosis and therapy for each individual patient.

Practicing physicians and colleagues from other hospitals can also use the tumor boards to get recommendations for treatment in line with the latest standards.

Expert Group Immuno-Oncology and Expert Group Molecular Oncology

An interdisciplinary expert group for Immunoncology as well as for Molecular Oncology supports you with specific questions in the various fields.

Events and training

Events and training

In addition to lectures, symposia and open houses for patients and referring physicians, the clinics for hematology, oncology and radio-oncology host a weekly oncology seminar which you are most welcome to attend.

A colloquium in applied cancer research takes place every Wednesday during the Semester. Here, research projects of different labs of applied cancer research at the University Hospital Zurich are presented and discussed.

Moreover, a monthly public tumor board is held, with an alternating focus on molecular oncology and immuno-oncology.

Every two weeks, we offer a training course for assistant doctors on oncological topics, which assistant doctors from other hospitals in the region are also welcome to attend.

A large education offer for nurses is available and free of charge for external nursing staff.

Services for our patients

Events for interested parties and patients

Events for interested parties and patients

Cancer Academy:

Prof. Dr. med. Rolf. A. Stahel and the heads and staff of the competence centers of the Comprehensive Cancer Center Zurich will inform you about cancer diseases and their early detection, diagnosis and treatment in the Aula of the University of Zurich. At the following aperitif from 8 pm in the Lichthof of the University you are invited to an exchange with the speakers. Here the dates and information for 2018:

25.09.2018 Blut- und Lymphdrüsenkrebs
06.11.2018 Sarkome

Open-door CCCZ:

We cordially invite you to the Open Day of the Comprehensive Cancer Center Zurich at the University Hospital of Zurich. Take a look at the tasks and organization of our Cancer Center and get to know the employees at their workplace. We are looking forward to your visit.

The next day of the Open Door will take place on 26.01.2019.


Genetic councelling

Genetic councelling

Genetic counseling is appropriate if cumulated cancers occur in a family for several generations, particularly tumors of the breast, ovaries and intestine. Only 5-10% of all malignant breast and colon tumors are due to specific genetic defects.

Genetic counseling is primarily assessing the facts from the family history and personal medical history and the information of the clients about their resulting risk of cancer and the treatment options. The patient is then free to opt for the implementation of a genetic test.

Contact: Dr. med. Susanna Stoll, susanna.stoll@usz.ch, Tel. +41 44 255 22 14

Complementary Medicine

Complementary Medicine

Patients who desire a complementary medical treatment parallel to its antitumor therapy or thereafter, have the opportunity to seek advice or get treatment in the Institute for Complementary and Integrative Medicine. The complementary therapy is customized to an individual patient and integrated into the anti-tumor treatment. The innovative therapy services of the Institute combine the latest scientific knowledge with many years of experience in complementary medical treatment of cancer patients.   

You can find further information in the flyer (PDF) or directly on the website of the Institute for Complementary and Integrative Medicine.

Health Care Chaplaincy

Health Care Chaplaincy

In times of illness, uncertainty and change, many draw deeply from the tradition of their own faith, while others simply want a listening ear, a friend on the journey. The health care chaplaincy provides spiritual and pastoral support and helps you cope with the questions that arise.

Nurse consultation

Nurse consultation

Life with a cancer patient presents patients and family members with a variety of challenges and is often associated with fears and uncertainties. A good and comprehensive consultation and support from the beginning is very important to us to help you deal with these challenges!

In addition to the medical consultation, we offer an outpatient oncological care consultation for those affected. Here is space and time for exchange and individual advice in connection with nursing and psychosocial issues. Specialized oncology nurses will advise you about your therapy and how to deal with unwanted effects, as well as how to make your daily routine with regard to exercise and nutrition.

We work closely with specialists in complementary medicine, nutritional counseling, psychooncology, social services, cancer league and sexual-medical consultation, and can assigned you to these on request.

Your well-being during the time of the therapy is our first priority!

For further information, please refer to the Flyer_Pflegesprechstunde (PDF).

Palliative Care

Palliative Care

The Competence Center Palliative Care offers patients with difficult to treat acute, symptomatic, unstable, or other complex problems specialized palliative care.

In addition to the care at the USZ, we are closely linked to the Hospiz Lighthouse in Zurich and offer a regular consultation hour "Palliative Care" for outpatients.

Further information can be found directly on the website of the Competence Center Palliative Care or in the flyer Palliative Care (PDF).



Psychooncology deals with the medical and psychological treatment and monitoring of patients with cancer and their relatives. The goal of psychooncological treatment is the psychological stabilization and improvement of the quality of life.

Individual interviews provide support in dealing with stress situations, in coping with physical changes and acceptance of the immutable. Existing resources are strengthened and coping strategies are activated or newly developed.

Further information can be found directly on the website of the Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy or in the Flyer Psychooncological offers for patients, patients and relatives.

Sexual-medical support during Cancer Treatment

Sexual-medical support during Cancer Treatment

Cancer can often have a significant impact on sexuality and the relationship of couples. Not only it is the disease and its symptoms but also the side effects of the necessary treatments which can affect sexual life. Often these difficulties are neglected in the course of the treatment, since other topics are in the foreground. Also, talking about one's own sexuality is not easy for everyone. Later, after the completion of tumor therapy, questions and concerns about intimacy and sexuality can continue to arise.

Patients who wish to receive a sexual-medical support for the antitumour therapy or subsequently have the possibility to get information in a quiet atmosphere. It may also be helpful to involve the partner, so that a joint management of the disease and its consequences is possible.

Further information is available in the flyer (PDF) or directly on the website of the Department for Reproductive Endocrinology.

Smoking Advice

Smoking Advice

Tobacco consumption is not only associated with a frequent occurrence of cancer and vascular disease (myocardial infarction, peripheral arterial occlusive disease, strokes and dementia, impotence, etc.) but can also lead to non-malignant respiratory diseases, infections, osteoporosis, tooth and gum diseases, as well as impairment of taste, smell and sight.

In the smoking cessation session, smokers and all persons who consume tobacco products will be informed about:

• The different effects of tobacco on the body
• The nicotine effect and dependency development
• The use of medication to relieve withdrawal symptoms
• The benefits of tobacco cessation

Here you can find further information and the smoking advice of the university heart center Zurich at the USZ.

Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better - free beauty workshops for cancer patients

Look Good Feel Better is a unique, non-profit commitment of leading cosmetics companies in Switzerland, in close collaboration with hospitals, doctors and nurses. The goal is to restore and strengthen the self-confidence and self-esteem of cancer patients, who are in medical treatment, with the help of free beauty workshops. The workshops are supervised by professional beauticians, all of whom work voluntarily for the foundation. The program of Look Good Feel Better is not medically, absolutely productneutral. Further information can be found at www.lgfb.ch.

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