Clinical trials: On the following pages, we would like to inform you about the latest clinical trials, which give patients access to the latest and most promising treatment methods.    

Translational research USZ / partner hospitals: We also present the translational research groups at the Comprehensive Cancer Center Zurich.

Cancer Research CenterThe Cancer Research Center has been establish to foster academic and scientific excellence in the field of cancer research in Zurich.

Patient Reported Outcome: The focus of Patient Reported Outcome is on the perception of a disease and its treatment by the patient.

Publications: Here you find a list of the publications in relation to the Comprehensive Cancer Center Zürich / University Hospital Zürich.

Donations / Research support: Would you like to support research at the USZ as a patient, patron or company? In this way you help to successfully transfer applied research and teaching at the University Hospital Zurich into the future. This directly benefits the patients. You can support the clinical research in oncology here via the "University Hospital Zurich Foundation".