CRC Funding Program

To further develop outstanding cancer research, the UZH has established the competitive CRC funding program supporting multidisciplinary translational research projects of UZH und USZ investigators.

Principal Investigators from UZH and USZ are invited to be part of an innovative, interdisciplinary research team helping to rapidly transfer basic science discoveries into clinical application. To qualify for support, research projects must involve at least one UZH and one USZ principle investigator. It is encouraged that both partners are CRC members; exceptions should be justified. At least one of the partners must be CRC member.

Competitive funding is available in the form of fellowships covering the salary or protected research time of outstanding postdocs and physician-scientists engaged in collaborative projects between groups from preclinical and clinical fields. Currently, five 2-year fellowships will be funded every year.


A panel of external renowned scientists will review and rate the applications. Applications will be judged principally on the following features:

  • Scientific merit - significance of the proposed research to the advances in diagnosis, treatment or prevention of cancer.
  • The synergy that is likely to derive from joining interdisciplinary and interactive projects of UZH and USZ research groups and clinical departments.

Call for Applications

The first call for applications closed on March 15th, 2018. All applications are currently under review. Projects recommended for funding will be announced in June 2018.

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CRC Membership

Don't miss the next CRC Member Assembly on Jun 18th, 2018, 6pm, Kleiner Hörsaal PATH C22

Basic and physician scientists of UZH, USZ, ETH and other Swiss Universities can apply to become a CRC member by submitting the completed membership application form to Maja Zenz. Applicants will usually be informed within a month.


Membership Criteria

  • Faculty member of the Medical Faculty, the Faculty of Science or Vetsuisse Faculty OR having the right to confer a PhD at the Faculty of Science. Faculty members of ETH or other Swiss universities may be admitted, if this is supported by three CRC members; however, such external members are not eligible to receive UZH funding - for now.


  • Having an own research grant from the SNSF, OncoSuisse, European Community or NIH.


Current Overview of CRC Members

CRC Members A-F
  • Matthias Altmeyer
  • Konrad Basler
  • Tuncay Baubec
  • Martin Baumgartner
  • Burkhard Becher
  • Felix Beuschlein
  • Bernd Bodenmiller
  • Lubor Borsig
  • Jean-Pierre Bourquin
  • Onur Boyman
  • Amedeo Caflisch
  • Pierre-Alain Clavien
  • Raghvendra Dubey
  • Reinhard Dummer
  • Daniel Fink
  • Lukas Flatz
  • Lars French
CRC Members G-K
  • Kerstin Gari
  • Urs Greber
  • Matthias Guckenberger
  • Alex Hajnal
  • Jason Holland
  • Michael Hottiger
  • Pavel Janscak
CRC Members L-R
  • Mitch Levesque
  • Massimo Lopes
  • Markus Manz
  • Giancarlo Marra
  • Holger Moch
  • Christian Mosimann
  • Anne Müller
  • Christian Münz
  • Hanspeter Nägeli
  • Darius Neri
  • Felix Niggli
  • Cesar Nombela-Arrieta
  • Lorenza Penengo
  • Andreas Plückthun
  • Martin Pruschy
  • Gerhard Rogler
CRC Members S-Z
  • Raffaella Santoro
  • Alessandro Sartori
  • Beat Schäfer
  • Michael Scharl
  • Roger Schibli
  • Isabelle Schmitt-Opitz
  • Lukas Sommer
  • Rolf Stahel
  • Christian Stockmann
  • Tullio Sulser
  • Maries van den Broek
  • Achim Weber
  • Sabine Werner
  • Walter Weder
  • Michael Weller
  • Lynn Wong