Cancer Research Center


Cancer research is a major strategic area of the University of Zürich (UZH) and the University Hospital Zürich (USZ). Together, UZH and USZ have recently established the Comprehensive Cancer Center Zurich (CCC ZURICH) uniting cancer research, patient care and education. In collaboration with numerous academic and industry partners the CCC ZURICH forms an interdisciplinary cancer network in Zurich.

Within the CCC ZURICH, the Cancer Research Center (CRC) aims to integrate and support cancer research activities of the UZH, USZ, the Children`s Hospital, the Balgrist University Hospital and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ). As an interdisciplinary research platform, it facilitates cutting edge research on the molecular and cellular mechanisms of cancer, the establishment of novel preclinical disease models, the development of innovative technology and pre-clinical testing of novel therapeutic approaches.

The CRC Funding Program creates academic networks in selected areas of cancer research, fosters scientific collaboration between clinical and basic research groups and is instrumental in promoting the academic career of junior scholars.

Dedicated research programs for Tumor Immunology, (Epi)Genetics & Genomics, Oncogenic Signaling and Imaging & Technology Development streamline and facilitate the translation of scientific discoveries into clinical application. The overall aim is to make breakthrough discoveries in basic and clinical cancer research and develop those into novel diagnostic procedures and therapeutic interventions for adults and children with cancer to ultimately improve cancer patient care.